Our Process

Schiavi Custom Builders is committed to the health of our clients, staff and community. For this reason, we are taking extra measures to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Now is a great time to build! Interest rates are at never before seen lows. We continue to work with current clients to plan and build their projects. Much of the planning can be completed through zoom, go-to-meeting, email and phone calls.

We look forward to helping you realize the possibilities in building your new home!

1 - The Consulting Phase

This phase can begin with a private tour of our model homes. To schedule your tour, please call (207) 539-9600. During your tour, our staff will not only discuss the features of each model, but also what you are looking for in your new home. The goal of this tour is for there to be an exchange of information. The potential client will leave with an understanding of what services Schiavi Custom Builders offers and the quality of homebuilding we provide. Schiavi Custom Builders will end the tour with an understanding of where you are looking to build, an overview of the scope of work and a basic idea of your budget.

If you are uncomfortable with visiting our office, we can provide links for virtual tours and set up a schedule of zoom meetings or phone calls and emails to ensure that you can be provided the appropriate information to start the planning of your new home.


After completing the initial consultation, we will ask potential clients to complete our Home Planning Questionnaire. This is a list of items and considerations that factor into and affect the overall cost of your home building project. The information contained will help us develop an initial estimate for your project. If you accept our initial proposal, the next step is a site visit. The purpose of the first site visit is to assess accessibility of the route to the site, as well as the buildability of the site itself. Clients do not need to attend this site visit, but are welcome to do so!

All of the above takes place in the first one to two weeks of your new home planning process. There will be multiple emails and phone conversations during this time. Hopefully, Schiavi Custom Builders has proven ourselves to be the builder you want to build your home. If that is the case, it is time to officially hire Schiavi Custom Builders. This is done by placing a retainer for our services.

2 - The Advising Phase

The retainer allows us to initiate services on our client’s behalf.

Services such as: surveys, septic design, and establishing the site development quote. At this time, there will be daily communication with our Project Manager and Administrator. Throughout this stage, we are developing plans with the client, selecting finishes, fixtures and specifications. This can range for R-values of insulation to exterior doors and windows to flooring and countertops. We help you make these selections and get detailed quotes to ensure you are staying within budget and understand what to expect in your he home. This step may take a few weeks as we build a customized, detailed contract specific to your project.

These discussions can be had via Zoom meeting or in person. With the use of vendor websites and samples, selections can be made in the comfort of your home.

Throughout the planning of your project, we will also be in contact with your financing institution, if applicable. Presenting an appraisal package to the bank for final approval, as well as the payment schedule to your mortgage closings and disbursements coincide with our building process.

3 - The Contract Phase

Finally, we have gathered all the details. The contract is complete with selections quoted in a comprehensive scope of work along with a complete set of plans. We now go over the contract with our clients, to ensure all the details and selections are correct. This meeting can be done via Zoom or in person. If everything is in order, each page is signed (either in person or DocuSign), and your new home is now a building project.

4 - The Construction Phase

Once your contract is signed, your project transitions to our Construction Team. Your home order will be placed, the construction timeline will be developed and sub-contractors will be scheduled. Schiavi Custom Builders will set up your Project Management portal so that you can stay up to date as your project develops. We use this system as an integral part of our communication with our crew, sub-contractors and homeowners.

From Consulting to Completion, Schiavi Custom Builders is here every step of the way. We look forward to building not only a home for you but a relationship with you as we guide you through this process.